Spring Cleaning Tip #7 | Cleaning in Crevices

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I’m taking notes on this because Lauren teased it

you talked about cleaning crevices

and I have got some filthy crevices

So what can I do

to get out that grim and make it shine?

The crevices in this household…


Are unacceptable.

That’s a dirty crevice.

I want no part of that crevice.

So, yes it is time

to hurt the dirt. That is what we’re doing

we’re live and local with Maid to Shine.

Because Spring cleaning it’s

almost time for it, baby!

That’s what we’re talking about. We’re getting an early head start

this morning. And Jordyn you’re walking me through it.

I am. So, we’ll do our service clean

things will look pretty nice.

Well, spring cleaning though. We’re getting deep!

Which involves a lot of cracks and crevices

You’re gonna find them

everywhere. Indeed. Well, one of the ways to kind of get

your cleaning tool

in there…

If you have your rag you want to just do a single layer.

And for the really tight crevices, we’ve got a putty knife.

You want to have a damp rag. Because you don’t want to scrape anything.

Because it will scrape. So you want to do a damp rag.

Wrap it around there.

And you can really get that corner in to some of that grim.

Oh I see it! WHOA look at that! That’s disgusting.

But we’re taking care of it,

right? We are taking care of it. Because as we said earlier

it’s not just important to have like a clean house

it’s also important for your health.

Right and all this

is kind of build up of grease, things of that nature. You don’t want that to get back

in to your food somehow. So go ahead and get that all clean up.

You’ve got these little guys here. Pop them off.

Hot tip! I recently just learned that.

All of these will come off. You may have to work at it but look

underneath. You’ve got a whole bunch of grease and grim down here.

That you can also care of while you’re at it.

Do you have tips for people who have stoves that

have the pans in them? Do you recommend

wrapping them in tin foil?

They can do that but once you scrub it

Definitely use that dobie pad to get in to those.

Make sure you’re cleaning underneath

those. They can pop up.

Get under them too. A lot of

food falls down. Right! I love all the tips we’ve gotten today. We’ve used

toothbrushes, we’ve used putty knives,

we’ve used the squeechie. All the

hot tips! Scrub a dub dub! And tell everybody real quick

if they want you to clean or they want to have another professional come out and do ti how can they a hold of you?

We would love to serve you!

You can call us at 719-640-3276

and speak to a lovely lady there. They’ll help you out with your needs. Or you can go to


And there you can fill out a free quote and

we’ll get back to ya!

She’s coming for your cracks and crevices!

Good, they’re nasty.

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