The Best Way to Clean the Doors

Cleaning your doors might not be on your radar but the next time you find yourself without anything to do, go ahead and get it done. You’ll be thankful you did! But why spend time cleaning them? Well, doors are considered high touch areas, just think about how often you grab the knob or jostle the lock. Sanitizing will do you a lot of good in the long run! Doors often start to collect smudges from dirty hands or the occasional shoe mark when you’re carrying in a load of groceries and need to slam the door fast so the dog doesn’t escape. Spot cleaning your doors can make them look brand new. When you thought that they may need a new coat of paint they might actually just need a quick cleaning! Maid to Shine is revealing all our secrets on how to get clean doors in the most efficient way possible.


The easiest way to clean efficiently is by having your cleaning supplies ready to go. You don’t need much for door cleaning. Gather a lambswool duster, disinfectant spray, and a cotton rag. With these 3 items in hand you’ll be able to clean every door in your home fast and effectively.

Where to Start

No matter what you’re cleaning always start by dry dusting. You never want to apply any liquid cleaning agents first. That will make your dust into a muddy mess. Use your lambswool duster and start from the top of the door frame. Glide your duster across the top then down one side. Then take it back up and go down the other side. Starting from the top allows all your dust to fall down where it can end up on the floor to be swept or vacuumed up later. 

Continue Dusting

With your door frame dust free move on to the door itself. Give it a pass with your lambswool by, once again, starting from the top and moving down. Work in lines from left to right, up and down. This method should have your door completely dust free.


With the dust gone it’s time to spray your cotton rag with the disinfectant of your choice ( we like all-natural products, but this is up to you). Give your rag a few spritzes then rub down your door knob and lock. Check your door for any unsightly blemishes and see if you can make those disappear with your wet rag as well. 

Congrats! You’ve got one clean door now! Just keeping going around your house doing the same thing to each door and your home will be cleaner and feel a lot brighter. Maid to Shine promises a detailed cleaning every time we come to visit, so your doors are always a priority with us! 

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