The Easiest Way to Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves and mess almost go together like peanut butter and jelly. With food popping out of the bowel and reheated coffee boiling over the mug there might be a spot or two inside your microwave that needs a good cleaning. Unfortunately, when we open the door and see so much splatter, cleaning suddenly feels very difficult! Maid to Shine has an awesome method for getting your microwave clean in a matter of minutes. 

Assemble your cleaning kit by finding a cotton towel, degreaser, and dobie pad. Open up your microwave and remove the plate and ring inside, if you can. Place those in your sink to clean at the end. Begin by spraying down the entire inside of your microwave, this includes the ceiling, and then let it sit while you take care of the outside.

Spray down the outside with your cleaner and use your cotton towel to wipe down the surface. Make sure you focus on the buttons and the handle, anywhere that’s getting a lot of attention.You can finish off your outside cleaning with a microfiber towel to make your surface really shine.

With the outside done, let’s get inside and take care of the rest. Our Maid to Shine cleaning techs like to picture the microwave as just a small room. This notion will help you keep track of where you need to move in your cleaning circle. Start with the inside of the door and wipe it down with your towel. Since your degreaser has been soaking while you cleaned the outside any spots should come off easily. If you do have some stuck on mess now is a good time to use your dobie pad to scrub it off. Move from the door to the right. Once the “walls” are done get the ceiling and wipe down the “floor” last. 

Return the plate and ring after you’ve given them a clean in the sink. Your microwave should be completely clean now. See, that wasn’t so bad! Now your next task is keeping it clean…or just Maid to Shine a call 719-640-3276 and our professionals will get the job done!

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