The Magic of Cleaning | Before & After

Who doesn’t love a good transformation? We certainly do and with our work we get to see a lot! Take a look at some of our favorite before and afters over the years.


The Window Seal

It’s easy to overlook the window seal especially when the blinds cover it, but a good wipe down can really transform the space!


The Refrigerator 

When you book a move out clean with us we’ll take care of the refrigerator. One less thing to worry about during your move out!


The Sink

When the sink starts to lose it’s luster and shine it’s time for a deep clean!


The Toilet

A bathroom really seems clean when the toilet is nice and tidy.


The Tub

This is probably one of our favorite before and after’s ever! Art work belongs in frames not on bathtub walls!


We love to transform people’s homes and lives! When you’re ready for your before and after worthy clean call Maid to Shine!


8 comments on “The Magic of Cleaning | Before & After

  1. This is really a great tip, from windows, refrigerator and toilet, your all point are awesome to follow, thanks for sharing your valuable thought about cleaning on your website.

  2. There is always a certain aura of magic when homes and offices are cleaned spic and span. Using the right products and employing trustworthy cleaning services, can help to convert this magical idea into reality. A clean window seal can indeed transform the décor of the place, and a hygienic toilet goes a long way in preventing unwanted diseases.

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