The Whisk Broom

Hello class, today we will review the whisk broom. This trusty cleaning tool is easily overlooked, but one we think everybody should have in their cleaning arsenal. It may be small and light weight but this bad boy can really help in those tight spaces.


How is a Whisk Broom Different from a Regular Broom?

Great question! Now here’s a great answer: A whisk broom is a smallshort-handled broom best used to brush fabric. Thanks to it’s stiff bristles and convenient carrying size this tool is ideal for couches, seat cushions and other things along those lines.


What Should I use a Whisk Broom to Clean?

As mentioned above we recommend whipping this out when the couch needs a good sweep or the dog’s bed has started to collect an unsettling amount of hair. When the kids take snack time in to the living room make sure to hand them a whisk broom to help with clean up after. We also recommend keeping one in your car, especially if your lunch time is spent munching at red lights. Although the whisk broom is a godsend for fabrics it’s also great for tight spaces. Thanks to it’s small stature and flat top you can easily get under chairs cabinets, etc. Plus, it’s excellent for sweeping up right next to walls, baseboards and carpet edges clearing out dirt to be vacuumed up later. Pro tip: Use light pressure when cleaning with this tool.


Where Can I Get My Own Whisk Broom?

Luckily, whisk brooms aren’t so hard to find. However, we recommend not buying with corn bristles. These tend to break and leave remnants behind. Try one with split tip fibers made from something more durable, such as plastic. We recommend this one that can be found on Amazon.


And that’s the beauty of a whisk broom! As trusted cleaning professionals in Colorado Springs we’ve been using this tool in our kit for several years and its yet to let us down. It might be one of our favorite ways to fights against crumbs and dried on mud. What are your favorite cleaning tools, let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. We have 2 dogs and have been looking for a great, small broom to clean the cushions. It looks like the whisk broom is the perfect tool for the job! Thanks so much for the blog post – keep up the great work! 🙂

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