Tidying Up Kitchen Cupboards

When tidying up the kitchen, we’re quick to wipe down the stove and counter surfaces. We might even think about wiping down items we keep on top of these spaces, but what about the fronts of cupboards and cabinets? We touch the surfaces of these items a million times, but we never think about sanitising them and wiping them down—at least, we don’t too often.

Our personal cleaning routine (and professional cleanings, too!) are spruced up with a regular wipe down of cabinet surfaces! Grease, handprints, fingerprints, and smudges gather in these locations—particularly around the handles we routinely touch. Taking the time to wipe them away to keep our kitchens germ free and looking cleaner is an important task to keep up with!

What You Will Need

Whether or not you intend to use this advice for yourself and your home or cleaning homes as a maid service, these tips will transform the appearance of a kitchen and get it much cleaner than it was before! But to clean and sanitise the cupboard you’ll only need a few, common cleaning objects:

· cleaning rags

· a degreasing and sanitising cleaner

· a scrubbie

Wiping down the kitchen cupboards is a simple, easy task. It doesn’t take too much strength, and it isn’t a particularly time-consuming task. Taking your chosen cleaner (we heartily recommend using an all-natural, green cleaner!), thoroughly spray the surface of the cupboard. Let the cleaner soak into the grease and grime for a few seconds to loosen it.

Once the grime and dirt has loosened thoroughly enough, take one of the clean rags and begin wiping down the surface of the cupboard. Work up any visible stains and dirt. It’s also important to wipe down the entire surface so that it’s sanitised and free from germs. Even if you can’t visibly see dirt on the surface, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t germs and various bacteria lurking there. Wiping down surfaces to kill germs in the kitchen is important, especially since food and drinks are prepared there on a daily basis!

If you find any particles of food that don’t want to wipe up easily, use your scrubbie to gently work it up. If the cabinet is painted, be sure to scrub it off gently so that you don’t pull any of the paint off. Continue cleaning all of the cabinets in your kitchen this way, and this method even works well for bathroom cabinets, too.

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    Actually, what you are trying to tell this article , I agree with that. All are always trying to clean our surface but we forgot to clean our cabinet and cupboard. Thank you for memorizing us to clean these things.

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