Why the Direction You Clean in Matters

Some people may think as long as you’re cleaning it really doesn’t matter which way you go. Bottom to top, right to left, back to front! Maid to Shine’s here today to rock your cleaning world and break the news, that it does make a difference which direction you clean in. We’re not just saying this because we’re Type A cleaners, we’re saying this because we’re efficient cleaners and you will be too when you start to clean in the right direction. 

Where to Start

Always start your cleaning from the top. Once you’ve entered the room you wish to clean, look up! If there is a fan, start by dusting that. If there are cabinets, pull out your lambswool duster, reach as high as you can, and pull the dust down. Don’t forget to note any artwork on the wall as you move your way down the room. When we work from top to bottom we save ourselves the headache of having to re-clean items. A top to bottom cleaning method forces the dust and grime to fall to whatever is below and eventually all that mess will make its way to the floor where you will sweep or vacuum it up at the end. 

Which Way to Move

We train our Maid to Shine cleaning techs to move from right to left. In all honesty, right to left or left to right won’t make a huge difference. However, practicing a clean on clean, dirty on dirty system will. What does that mean exactly? When you get to an area you want to clean, let’s say a section of your kitchen counter, you will likely have things sitting on the counter. We want to move these items, not just clean around them, so we can get a thorough clean. Place your dirty items to left (or right) which ever area you have not cleaned yet, i.e. dirty on dirty. Once your surface has been cleaned grab each item you moved before and wipe those off then return them to their original place i.e. clean on clean. This is a simple way to make sure you don’t miss anything on your cleaning journey. HINT: It is very helpful to decide before you start cleaning whether you want to go left to right or right to left just so you clean in a line. This is an excellent way to easily keep track of what has and has not been cleaned yet. 

Back to Front

This idea is quite similar to the top to bottom cleaning method. When you’re dusting or wiping things off a flat surface move back to front. When you pull the mess from the back up to the front you can push it on the ground and take care of it at the end. 

Where to End

Always end your cleaning with the floors. If you practice the top to bottom cleaning technique all of your dust and debris should be on the floor once you’re ready to wrap up your cleaning. Like we said before, all you’ll need to do to complete your chores is vacuum or sweep and then end with a mopping if that’s what your floors call for. 

The most important reason why the direction you clean really matters is because it keeps you organized. It is so easy to become overwhelmed in cleaning, but it’s also so easy not to! If you have a plan and know where you need to go next you should be able to clean efficiently. We hope this map to cleaning from Maid to Shine helps you in your quest to keep your home clean. If you’re looking for a professional cleaning please give Maid to Shine in Colorado Springs a call for a free quote 719-640-3276. 

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