5 Professional Cleaning Hacks

Maid to Shine has a cleaning system unlike any other. With a thorough cleaning manual and top of the notch training our techniques are meant to be detailed and efficient. With tips from the top cleaning service in Colorado Springs you’ll be cleaning your home like a professional in no time. 

Start with Dusting

Always begin your cleaning with dusting. You want to move all of that grim to the floor to sweep up later. Plus, you don’t want to start with any wet cleaning products. You’ll just make a goopy mess so always get the dust out of the way first.

Top to Bottom Cleaning

This one is so simple but not many people think to do this. When you’re ready to begin your cleaning regime look up and start there. Get the light fixtures, art on the wall and work your way down. When you clean this way you’re bringing the dust and dirt down to the floor where it can be disposed of later. 

Dirty on Dirty, Clean on Clean

This hack is especially useful in the kitchen and bathrooms. When you’re cleaning and you come to a counter top with items sitting on it move the items to a spot you haven’t cleaned yet. Then clean the surface they were sitting on. Once the surface is clean, wipe off the items and return them to their spotless home. 

Baking Soda is Your Friend 

At Maid to Shine we love baking soda! It’s so versatile, all natural and a tough scrubbing agent. You can simply mix it with water to make a thick grainy paste that’s perfect for getting makeup, dried up tooth paste or food off of surfaces. Follow up your scrubbing with a disinfectant for a proper cleaning.

Wear a Cleaning Apron

This hack really works for efficiency. Find a cleaning apron and put your tools inside so you have them on hand. Looking for the proper tool can really slow you down. Put your scrubber, scraper and towels inside and you’ll be surprised with how much faster your cleaning will go. 

Follow Maid to Shine’s 5 professional cleaning hacks and your home will shine. Of course we have many more wonderful tricks we use in our wonderful client’s homes. If you want to see our cleaning techniques in action, we’re just a phone call away.

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