Don’t Forget to Clean Your Oven

The turkey’s getting ready for roasting and family is gearing up to head your way, now it’s time to prep the home. We’ve done plenty of quick clean posts that you can use to rapidly whip your home into shape so today we want to focus on something that’s really important this time of year: the oven.


It’s easy to forget about the oven, it’s mess is usually kept unseen thanks to a door. So when the day comes to throw the bird in you might be in for a surprise when you see grease and food build up you’d forgotten about. Get the oven cleaning out of the way so you have one less thing to worry about on Thanksgiving!


It’s important to keep your oven clean for so many reasons. The more build up inside the more risk there is to catch fire or cause smoke. The grim can also affect the taste of your food as it melts and is absorbed into your dish. It’s important to keep things tidy to also reduce germs and help maintain your oven, you don’t want the filters getting clogged.


We know cleaning the oven can be a major pain and nobody wants to spend their precious holiday time with their head inside a box breathing in cleaning fumes. Leave your oven to Maid to Shine and get a deep clean that’s sure to give you a tasty turkey this year.


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  1. No doubt about it, dirty ovens filled with grease and carbonised grease, as well as being a fire hazard and performing efficiently poor, will produce smoke and smell awful. The smell can linger for hours, even days from cooking a meal.

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