Speed Clean: 4th of July





Time’s ticking away and you still need to clean the house, buy the fireworks, make the perfect patriotic dessert, decide between hotdogs or hamburgers (although why choose) and figure out what to cook up for your just-gone-vegan niece all before Tuesday.



Today is soccer practice… that means you get an hour break! Wait, it’s your turn for carpool. At least you can run to the grocery store before you have to pick up the kids.



Your mother-in-law came for a surprise visit. Perfect! Listen carefully when she starts to rant about the vegan dish her youngest son made her try. You know what you’re making for your niece!



Finally, the weekend! What’s that? Little Billy’s got a stomach bug, today you’re playing doctor.



Maybe after church you’ll have a little time to pick up around the house. Nope, you forgot you volunteered to set up for the potluck tonight. Good thing there’s a firework stand next door, say you’re going to the bathroom and run over to grab some Roman Candles.



Back to work and it’s going to be a long day. Your assistants off today and your inbox is full. During your lunchbreak throw some brownies in the oven and toss some red, white and blue sprinkles on top.



Happy Fourth of July, you’ve almost checked everything off your list! You have exactly one hour to get your house spotless before the guests arrive. Here’s how you’re going to do it:


10 min.: Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters. Go over the faucet and get rid of water spots, making it really shine!

10 min.: Clean the toilet, switch out the towels and make sure there’s toilet paper.

5 min.: Do a quick dusting wherever it may need it.

10 min.: Pick up the living room and fluff the pillows.

5 min.: Empty the trash.

10 min.: Make the beds… or convince the kids to.

10 min.: Vacuum the main areas of the house.


And an hour later the doorbell rings, your first guest has arrived. Enjoy your Fourth of July and have a wonderful Independence Day!


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