How to Be an Efficient Cleaner | Part 2

By: Michelle Tran


Two weeks ago, we took a look at three cleaning tips that would help your house cleaning be more efficient. We all live busy lives, but when our maid service isn’t due for another week or two, it’s handy to know how to take care of our homes quickly and effectively! The first three steps to an effective cleaning were: keeping your tools nearby, don’t waste your steps, and clean from top to bottom. This week’s last three steps will build off of the ideas we saw last week, improving your house cleaning method even more.


Clean What’s in Front of You: this sounds like the most uptight rule of the three. What harm comes from cleaning whatever whenever you get to it? It wastes steps and distracts you from cleaning with detail. While you’re cleaning the room you find yourself, concentrate on what is in front of you. Don’t go back and forth from the tub to the sink, to the toilet and then back to the tub. Focus on only what is in front of you. This is a bonus tip since it not only saves you time, but when you concentrate on one thing at a time, your ability to clean with greater detail goes way up!


Work in a Circular System: this is synonymous with cleaning what is in front of you. You might find a pattern of cleaning a room that works for you a little better, but if not, we have found at Maid to Shine that cleaning all rooms in a circular pattern is a huge time saver. When you begin to clean a room, start at the door and begin working to the right, keep your tools near, work from top to bottom, clean what is in front of you, try not to back track, and keep moving through the room until you work your way back to the door. Cleaning in a circular system is the best way to implement all of the previous steps. You get the most effective, efficient house cleaning by utilizing them all with just a little bit of critical thinking.


Vacuum Your Way Out of the Room: The last and final step to an efficient house cleaning is to vacuum (or mop) your way out of the room. Cleaning the floors first and then the rest of the room is working more than you need to, and it perhaps means you re-vacuum or mop floors you’ve already cleaned. It’s also handy to remember to start at the furthest point in the room and work your way out the door.


With those simple, straight forward steps, your house cleanings can be a cinch! No more wasted steps or wasted energy. Get the most out of your valuable time and effort. It might take a little bit of planning to begin cleaning this way, but once these methods have become habits, it will be perfectly natural to clean this way!

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