The Secret to a Clean Floor | Part 1

By: Michelle Tran

We all want clean homes. There’s no-one in particular who enjoys their house being messy and unkept— it’s exactly why you have us come clean your home! Our cleanings impact your home from top to bottom, especially those hardwood or tile floors. We make a lot of effort to get them shining, and we have a few tips so that you can get your own floors up to Maid to Shine standard whenever you need it.

What goes into a good hardwood floor cleaning? A lot of work and elbow-grease! But with just a little bit of discipline you can get those floors glorious and shining. Every time you sweep and mop, your floors will look beautiful. Getting those perfect floors is tricky, whether you have toddlers that leave little juice spills and spots, pet hair drifting in the air drafts, or just everyday build up from foot-traffic, we have a trick and tip for it all! A basic, thorough floor cleaning isn’t easy, but it’s well worth it. There’s a remedy for every floor, something to make the effort, effortless.

The first trick to any hardwood floor cleaning is a detailed, systematic sweeping. The more effort you put into this first stage, the easier the end results come. Get as much hair, debris, and dirt up as you can when you sweep, and be sure that you get every square inch possible as you’re sweeping. Try not to miss anything. If there’s a lot of dirt, debris, or pet hair and you need to, sweep again. A second sweep can save you a lot of hassle and frustration when it’s time to mop. The more dirt that you get up during sweeping, the better. If you have lots of shedding pets and multiple sweepings aren’t doing the trick, it can be helpful to “dry mop” your hard floor with a dry microfiber cloth. Microfiber clothes are good at catching stray pet hairs floating around that the first, several sweepings didn’t catch. Go over every square inch of the floor once again, keeping the microfiber and mop head as flat on the floor as possible while you “dry mop”. Once you’ve done this thorough sweep, your floors are ready for mopping!

Every floor is different, and these tricks are just the beginning! Next week, we’ll look into what it takes to mop these floors to perfection. 

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that detailed and systematic sweeping can keep our hardwood floor clean at all times. Still, having kids that constantly run around the house makes this task hard for me to accomplish. It would be better if I were to hire professionals who offer cleaning services during the weekend.

  2. Great suggestions! I am so glad to find this hardwood floor cleaning tips. Thanks for sharing this tips with us! Hope you will publish some more content with floor cleaning tips.

  3. I was searching for suggestions to clean my hardwood floor. In your article, you share some cleaning tips which will be beneficial to me. Thanks for sharing this article.

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