How to Solve the Biggest Problems for Colorado Springs House Cleaning

You know you need to do it. You know you want a clean house. But somehow cleaning tasks get pushed to the side. We understand and that’s why we’ve put together some ideas for making Colorado Springs house cleaning simpler and easier.

colorado springs house cleaningTake Care of Spills Early

This is the difference between merely wiping up a mess and spending precious time scrubbing away stains. It may feel like a hassle, but you’ll spend much less time cleaning if you address messes immediately.

When you cook, keep the dishcloth handy to wipe up splatters. Spill wine on the carpet? Soak it up right away and treat it with carpet cleaner. Don’t have time to do the dishes? Rinse them before putting them in the sink so food residue doesn’t dry.

Set Up a Cleaning Caddy or Two

Make cleaning convenient by setting up a cleaning caddy in each area of your house. Having all your supplies handy will make cleaning more efficient.

Put a bucket with cleaners, rags, and gloves under every sink in your house. That way, you’ll always have the supplies you need on hand.

Buy Products That Work

Find the products that work on each surface and use those. Don’t waste time with products that only smear dirt.

Use micro-fiber towels that clean with one swipe. They’re better for the environment than paper towels and better for cleaning than terry cloth.

Create a Routine for House Cleaning

You know you’ll need to vacuum, mop, and clean the bathroom each week. Keep a schedule to get to these regular tasks.

Scheduling means you don’t have to decide what to do each evening. You know what needs to be cleaned and when finished, you can relax and know you’ll get to the other tasks later in the week.

Designate Space for Different Activities

Limit food to the kitchen and dining room. Designate a place in your home for hobbies so you don’t have sewing projects or art supplies scattered around the house. Preventing messes from growing is a large part of keeping the house clean.

Hire Colorado Springs House Cleaning Services

Don’t have time to clean? Need a break from it? Hire a house cleaner.

When hiring a service, make sure the house cleaner will work with your needs. If you only need cleaning every other week, find someone who’s willing to work with your schedule.

At Maid to Shine, we can work with your needs whether it’s deep cleaning or doing regular weekly tasks. Get in touch to talk about how hiring Colorado Springs house cleaning services can take a load off your shoulders.

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