Your Health and Your Home

Winter is coming and so is cold season. Ahhh! Let’s avoid sickness this season with a clean home. It’s pretty impressive how much a tidy place can help your health. So take a little time to dust and vacuum because it may just save you a trip to the doctor’s office.


In case that first paragraph wasn’t convincing enough let’s get into some cold hard facts. When we have a clean home, we reduce germs. Sanitizing your dwelling can help fight against gross and grimy germs and reduce the concentration of bacteria. If you spritz your home with a sanitizer (we recommend an eco-friendly one) then you can extend the 5-second food rule to 10. It’s really a win win!


Another menacing intruder in your home is dust. You may see it accumulate on your shelves or the books you keep meaning to read but it can also be invisible, just lurking in the air. And you’re breathing it in!!! Dust can lead to coughing, sneezing, eye irritation and even hayfever. Try keeping up with regular dustings in order to reduce long term lung issues.


Our last argument for keeping a clean home this winter is to diminish unwelcome pests in your place. When you’ve got clutter and mess then you’ve opened up a playground of perfect places to hide if you’re a lil mouse or nasty cockroach. Don’t give those pests a chance to move in, it’s not like they’d pay rent anyway.


How will you keep your home tidy and your health in check this winter? We recommend a healthy dose of Vitamin C and visit from Maid to Shine.



30 comments on “Your Health and Your Home

  1. Hi, Mackenzie Carder
    Yes you are right , sickness cause because of dust most of the times , so cleaning and keeping our house grooming will help avoiding to take doctor’s appointment, and in winter, cold is also a valid reason of becoming sick,

    you have written quite a valuable post thanks for the post and sharing with us Mackenzie Carder

  2. Agree with you. Giving your home a thorough cleaning before winter comes is important for several reasons. Cleaning in winter will get rid of all that extra dirt and dust that could increase your chances of getting sick during the winter season. From keeping those bugs and mice away to preventing any additional allergy issues, it’s the best time to clean the house.

  3. Some ideas in my mind let i share you. 1st, Get An Air Purifier The 1st step to good health is making sure you’re breathing in clean air and Air pollution crucially affects our health. Try to fresh the air.2, Avoid Chemical Based Products, Try avoid the use chemical pesticides or chemical-based cleaners.Just use essential base soup and water. vinegar, and baking soda are good in cleaning. 3rd Plant A Garden, plant and trees which grow around your property must be in space. If you don,t do this start a smell. Try to clean our plants clearly.

  4. I really don’t want to get sick this winter, so I’ll definitely have Maid to Shine visit and work their magic on my place

  5. Hi that was very informative I really appreciate the information you have mentioned in the blog
    hope they are Non toxic Sprays which lead to a better environment and less pollution, this should not affect the people living in the house.

  6. Hi Carder,
    I was researching about health & nutrition today and your website popped up. This was the article that I was reading. Your tips were effective & your initiative demands praise. Great stuff! Thanks. Anyways have a great day. Please keep posting your articles consistently.

  7. When it comes to eliminating pests, costs can quickly add up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Attempting to cut corners in hopes that it will save you money can actually compromise your facility’s stability. 

  8. Hi, Mackenzie Carder
    Great post as usual. I have to admit that to be and live a healthy life, we hould keep our home and surrounding area very clean.
    Its a basic fact but these days many of us are ignoring it or not giving time to clean our home. So, thanks for reminding every one of us. Keep up the good work.

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  10. best Health starts from a clean home and a clean house is our responsibility. Thank you for reminding me. I am going to arrange my house right away!

  11. Recently we renovated our old home by constructing a new room upstairs and also improved our room interiors. We also had a pest treatment in our home to be protected from rodents and other insects but was not successful. The pest control agents whom we gave contract were not much experienced and as a result, the pesticides were not effective. After a month I could find some rats and cockroaches roaming around my room. So it’s better to go for a professional pest controller.

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