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Every Stroke Counts

Have you ever started at channel 3 on your TV and used the up channel button to get to channel 104? That would take your thumb 101 clicks of the button to get to the channel you want.  How about you hit 101 on the number pad and take 3 strokes?  That is why the cleaning tip for this post will save you unneeded steps.

House cleaning aprons save you valuable time.  If all of your tools are in front of you, you can simply grab and put back.  When you are cleaning your bathroom, there is no reason you should have to go under the kitchen sink to get your mirror cleaner when you have it hooked onto your apron.

Make the Job Faster

According to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics  the average woman in 2011 spent 2 hours and 11 minutes a day on house hold chores.  If you only cut out 15 minutes off of that time every day, you would save about 92 hours a year.  Just by using a cleaning apron you will improve your cleaning speed by at least 15 minutes.

What You Need

Start with an apron.  It can be over your head or just around your waste, but it must have 3 or more large pockets.  You will need two cleaning agents in spray bottles to hook to your apron,  a window / mirror cleaner and a disinfectant.  Get a scrub pad, a feather duster at least 4 cotton towels, and a micro-fiber towel.  For this cleaning tip to work, you must keep all of your tools in your apron at all times.  Simply get your tools out of your apron and clean!

Did this help you?  Post a comment and tell us about it.  You can find other time saving house cleaning tips from Maid to Shine here.

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