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Why Wipe Differently?

Why should you wipe your home differently?  Just wipe the counter top and get it over with, right!  All of Maid to Shine’s cleaning tips always have one thing in common, saving you time.  So how can wiping save you time?

The normal reaction when cleaning a surface is to use circular motions.  Using circles when cleaning is highly inefficient and you are actually double cleaning your work.  Stop using circles!


So how should you wipe you home?  Always clean starting at the top of a room (dust falls down) and clean from back to front.  When you wipe, use one stroke down on horizontal surfaces and use one stroke from back to front on vertical surfaces.  One stroke is enough and will not just move the dirt around.  The goal of this house cleaning tip is not for your rag or sponge to pick up the dirt, you want to send the dirt to the floor!

When to Break the Rules

So now that you do not clean in circles lets talk about when you clean in circles!  Actually, you never really clean in circles, you use your microfiber towel to buff in circles.  If you have mirrors, granite counter tops, or stainless steel use your microfiber towel like you would wax a car and make those shinny surfaces sparkle.

Did this help you?  Post a comment and tell us about it.  You can find other time saving house cleaning tips from Maid to Shine here.

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