House Cleaning Tips | Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Yearly Cleaning Checklist

Spring is on its way and are you ready for a detailed house cleaning?  Highs, lows, and hard to reach places you do not normally clean await your touch.  This checklist will help you find those hidden dust bunnies and keep your home in top shape.  Make sure to grab your step stool and your knee pads and lets make that home shine!


  • Clean the ceiling fan vents.  Not only will they be clean, but your fans will run smoother and removing the grim will extend the life of this house hold item.
  • Wash or replace the shower curtain.  How long have you had that soap scum covered curtain hanging in there?
  • Shower head clean out.  Your water has minerals and deposits that build up on your shower head.  Boil water and then add vinegar.  Soak the shower head in the mixture for 30 minutes then use an old toothbrush to scrub it clean.
  • Open the medicine cabinet and inspect the dates.  Throw away any old meds that are not needed.
  • Update your first aid kit.  Every bathroom should have a first aid kit so you don’t have to search for items in an emergency.


  • Rotate the bed.  If you want to maximize the life of your bed (and smooth out any dips) flip the mattress over.
  • Wash the pillows.  Pillows rarely get cleaned and your head lays on them daily.  Most pillows no matter what they are made of can be put into a washing machine.  Just make sure you have lots of time to dry them.  Check your tag for detailed cleaning instructions.


  • If you are like most people you have accumulated garments you do not need.  Your local donation center would love to accept your articles.
  • Move the shoes and dust the shelves.  Closet shelves are often missed during regular house cleaning  and would love to be spruced up!


  • The freezer tends to build ice, smells, and old food.  This is a great time to clean out your storage box.
  • Move the appliances.  Behind refrigerators and ovens are a hotbed of bacteria and overall yuck!  Cleaning the refrigerator coils will also give your energy efficiency a boost.
  • Clear out the pantry of old food.  Make sure to donate any unwanted food to your local food donation center.
  • Clean the top of the cabinets.  Every day Maid to Shine sees what happens when you neglect your high areas.  If it has been a couple of years, make sure to have a degreaser available.

Living Room

  • Break out the ladder and get those ceiling fans!  When summer comes around you don’t want all that dust falling onto your head.
  • Clean or have your rugs cleaned.  No need to buy a rug shampoo machine, you can rent one for cheap and keep those rugs lasting longer.
  • Vacuum your curtains.  This house cleaning tip is often missed and will make make you feel much better.


  • Look in the attic, basement, and garage for items to sell and donate.
  • Prepare your air conditioner for the summer.

Did this help you?  Post a comment and tell us about it.  You can find other time saving house cleaning tips from Maid to Shine here.

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