Staycation Like a Pro


Sometimes the best getaway is straight to your couch. With a staycation there’s no packing, no prepping and no travel…well maybe except to the refrigerator. Here’s our guide to having the best staycation ever!


  1. Get yourself some comfy PJ’s

Why even bother putting on real clothes? This day should be spent lounging in your softest sweatshirt!


  1. Brew the perfect cup of coffee

Put the coffee pot on and pull out your favorite mug. We recommend sipping your cup of joe on the porch in the beautiful Colorado sun.


  1. Find your next favorite movie or TV show

Entertainment is key for any retreat. Take a deep dive into Netflix or Hulu and post up on the couch. Spoiler alert Disney fans: Moana is on Netfilx now!


  1. Get your grub on

When meal time rolls around forget cooking. Order in! Can you ever really go wrong with some pizza? If you’re one of our Colorado Springs friends try out P38 or Louie’s Pizza! YUM!


  1. Leave the housework alone

Today is your day to relax and unwind, so be as messy as you want! Don’t you worry, Maid to Shine will take care of it all. Your only job today is to do nothing!



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