Top Spring Cleaning Tips Part 3

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an unwanted chore that drags you down as you try to get it done. It is a great way to refresh your home and your life by removing clutter and organizing your belongings. So far we have shared tips for cleaning your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms as well as your closets, kid’s rooms, and living room. Today we’re wrapping up this series with three more cleaning tips for your home office, garage, and basement.

Spring Cleaning for Your Home Office

Even if you don’t have a full home office, you probably at least have a desk or an area of your home where you keep important papers, electronics, and other office type belongings. Start with those papers; what can you toss out? What can you digitize to save on physical space? Once you’ve widdled down to only the papers you must keep physical copies of, make sure they are nicely organized in whatever way is most beneficial to you. Next, sort through your cords. Toss out old charging cables that no longer fit your newer devices, toss out frayed cords, and toss out cords that don’t go to anything at all. Once you’ve got only the items you still need, wrap them up nicely and secure them with rubber bands so you never have to face the dreaded cord tangle again. Finally, sort through all your office supplies and get rid of what you don’t need like damaged sticky notes, dead pens, broken mice, etc.

Clearing Out Your Garage Maid to Shine Colorado Springs | Best Spring Cleaning Tips

For many people, the garage is just as much a place to store their car as it is to store just about everything else that doesn’t fit in the house. Start by getting rid of damaged or unused sports equipment; clearing out their bulk will free up plenty of space for organizing the rest of the garage. Next, clear out things like old paint cans with colors that you’ll no longer need, old gardening soil that is past its prime, and DIY projects you started but will never finish.

Keeping an Orderly Basement

The basement is another dumping place for things that don’t have another place in your home and, as such, it gets easily cluttered. Take a day to sit down and sort through every box you’ve got down there; just because you want to keep a box of memories from high school does not mean you actually need every single thing in that box. If you can reduce what’s in each box just a bit, and then move the things into a smaller box or combine boxes, you’ll find that you have a lot more room than you realized.

Once you’ve uncluttered these nine areas of your home give Maid to Shine a call to give your home a deep scrub so it is as clean as it can be for the year ahead!

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