Six Questions to Ask When Decluttering Your Home

It is far too easy to allow clutter to build up in your home, and much harder to get rid of that clutter once it is there. There will always be that nagging little voice in the back of your head saying, “Perhaps I’ll need it one day. Maybe, maybe, maybe…” Let’s be honest, though, will you really need all of it? Probably not. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter will help you to have a cleaner and possibly safer home. Here are  six questions to consider if you are considering decluttering your home.

When was the last time I actually used this item? Top 6 tips to decluttering your home.

Sure, that French Coffee Press is great, but how often have you actually had the time to use it instead of just grabbing a coffee from your regular instant coffeepot?

Even if I haven’t used it, do I love it enough to warrant keeping it?

This one gets a little tricky because you probably loved each thing a little bit or it wouldn’t have been there in the first place. In the end, it is up to you to figure out what you still love enough to keep, and what you are ready to let go of.

Am I keeping this out of obligation?

Sure, commemorating that old boyfriend by keeping his old t-shirt might feel important, but is it important enough to take up space in your dresser years later?

Could something else I own do the same job?

If you have a vacuum that can clean both carpet and hardwood, do you really need a set of mops as well?

Do I have duplicates of this item?

There are some things you need duplicates of in your home, like utensils and plates, but do you really need three different pasta strainers?

Am I holding onto a broken item because I might, possibly, maybe fix it one day?

Unless your job is fixing broken things, it is probably best to move on and let the item go.

Set aside a weekend to declutter your home and you’ll be amazed how much space you can free up! Donate your unwanted items to a local goodwill, shelter or even host a garage sale. Once you are done with the clutter contact us to help you keep your newly clutter-free home completely clean!

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