Top 3 Tips for Cleaning Your Car

Even the best of us sometimes struggle to keep our cars clean. It’s easier to just toss those fast-food wrappers and empty coffee cups into the empty passenger seat and keep going. Which is all fine and dandy until you have to awkwardly gather that trash-heap and shove it somewhere so you can give a friend a ride. Here are a few tips to help you avoid that awkward trash shuffle:

Get a trash can for your car  

This seems like such a simple solution, but it isn’t one that seems to get taken advantage of often enough. Many stores offer trash cans designed for cars, ones that clip to seats or can be weighted on the bottom to prevent tipping. It will give you a place to toss all those wrappers and empty cups and make it much easier to get it all into the regular trash when it comes time to do so.

Use cupcake cups in your cup-holders

We’ve all shuddered at the strange spotted, sticky, fuzzy gunk that builds up in our cup-holders. Once you thoroughly scrub that gunk out, insert a cupcake cup. It will provide an easy to remove liner that will collect the next round of gunk so you can just take it out and replace with a new cupcake cup without having to scrub it down again.

Get organizers for your car

This one is especially valuable if you have children or other people who frequently ride in the back seats of your vehicle. Having an organizer that hangs on the back of the seat will give everyone a place to put and keep the things they frequently need when on the road including water bottles, books, and more. Other organizers for center consoles, glove compartments, and the back of your car are also an important part of keeping your car clean.

Once you’ve got your car clean keep that motivation going and get to work on cleaning your house. Or, if you’ve had enough cleaning once you’ve tackled your car, give Maid to Shine a call to help out with your house!

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