Top Spring Cleaning Tips Part 1

2017 is upon us and with it the time for spring cleaning has come. A maid service like Maid to Shine can help you give your home a thorough scrubbing, but spring cleaning is about more than just that. It is a time to refresh everything about your home, to toss old clothes and old papers, to replace old bedding, or even put on a fresh new coat of paint. Every room in your home has things that could go out with the old year, so here are tips for three of your rooms to get you started.

Spring Cleaning for your Kitchen 

The first thing to clear out in your kitchen is expired food. Be sure to dig back into all the deep, dark corners of your food storage areas to make sure you snag everything that is well beyond its date. Next, toss that old stained Tupperware. Yes, technically it is probably clean, but who wants to eat out of something with permanent spaghetti stains? Make sure all the Tupperware you keep has a lid to go with it. Finally, purge those things you’ll never use again; themed party plates, duplicate utensils, cookbooks you never open, extra water bottles, and other now useless items.

Spruce Up Your Bathrooms

Did you know makeup can expire? It is something many people miss, so be sure to check yours and toss anything that you no longer want to keep. Check that any medications you have in your bathroom are also still good and not expired. If there’s excessive clutter on your counter or in your bathtub take the time to sort through all your bottles and clear out ones that are nearly or totally empty.

Clear Up Your Bedrooms

A good place to start with your bedroom is replacing your pillows. Even a good pillow should be replaced yearly. If you have overly decorative throw pillows that are constantly getting moved around rather than used, consider tossing them as well or moving them to a better location within your house. Once your pillows are taken care of, go through and clear out the things in your room you never use; old candles, magazines you’ve already read or will never read, costume jewelry you never wear, etc.

These are just three of the areas of your home that need a good spring cleaning so be sure to come back for more spring cleaning tips from Maid to Shine. In the next part of this series, we will share spring cleaning tips for your closets, kids’ rooms, and living rooms. Don’t miss it!

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