Air Filtering Indoor Plants

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing process. It is easy to get overwhelmed and let things slip through the cracks. One often overlooked aspect of a clean home is making sure the air is purified. This is especially true if you or anyone else in the home suffers from allergies or other health issues. However, this is an easy thing to get done once every few months, and not have a constant issue with air quality. There are, of course, obvious solutions like air filters and proper cleaning of the rest of your home. Another option for creating better air quality is your plants. There are many beautiful, easy to care for indoor plants that can help filter toxins from the air in your home. This includes plants that even the most brown-thumbed person can easily grow.

Orchids Home air filtering with indoor plants.

Orchids are beautiful, hardy flowers that thrive on being ignored. You’re much more likely to kill them with over-watering than under-watering. They help filter out Xylene, a chemical found in many paints and glues that are used in homes. Phalaenopsis Orchids are a great option within the orchid family, as they are non-toxic to pets and children.


Palms offer another hardy option for naturally filtering the air in your home. They are easy to grow and filter a variety of chemicals out of the air including formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. Just make sure they are well secured so your rowdy pets and children can’t knock them over and send dirt spilling across your carpet!


Another beautiful, easy to care for plant, philodendrons, also help filter out xylene. However, be aware that they can be toxic to pets, so they may not be a good choice if you have any furry friends!


Aloe is, of course, known for its medicinal qualities as a treatment for things like burns. But it also has fantastic air filtering qualities allowing it to filter things like formaldehyde out of your air.

There are many other beautiful, easy to care for plants out there that can help filter the air in your home. Do a little research to find some that are right for your home, then give Maid to Shine a call to help with the rest of your cleaning!

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