6 Tasks Move Out Cleaners in Colorado Springs Can Do For You

You’ve just gotten the keys to your new place, all the boxes have been transferred, and now you’re really excited to scrub down your old home, right? If the answer is no, move out cleaners in Colorado Springs can take on the cleaning while you start unpacking in your new home.

What does a move out cleaning need to include? If you’re renting, a cleaning deposit is likely at stake during the move. If you’re selling, money may not be at stake but it’s only polite to leave a clean home for the next resident. The home’s next resident doesn’t want to find remnants of you around the house (gross!).

1-Wipe Down Walls And Check For Dents Etc.

Future residents of your home shouldn’t be able to remember you by the smudges you left on the walls. Want to spend your afternoon wiping down walls? Hire move out cleaners in Colorado Springs to address those scuffs, splatters and smudges so the people moving in can have a fresh canvas to adorn. 

move out cleaners2-Vacuum, Sweep, And Scrub Floors

Move everything out of your house and you’ll find dust and bits of unidentifiable, languishing objects that had been in hiding for years. Hire cleaners to address those messes while you’re transferring your belongings to your new digs.

3-Scrub Surfaces And Remove Mold In Bathroom

More than any other room in the house, the bathroom will require the most attention. The humid air creates a breeding ground for mold on tile and grout. Move out cleaners will have supplies on hand to address the usual cleaning issues in bathrooms.

4-Wipe Surfaces In Kitchen And Clean Out Refrigerator And Cabinets

Second only to the bathroom is the kitchen in its need for close attention during a move. Those splatters above the stove will have to go. Once the fridge is emptied, it needs a scrub down. You also don’t want to forget about all those cabinets that have seen plenty of messes over the years. Move out cleaners can leave your kitchen looking clean and ready for new residents to take over.

5- Wash Windows And Dust Those Hard To Reach Areas

If you’re concerned about getting a cleaning deposit back then washing the inside of your windows is a nice way to give an overall sense of cleanliness.

Haven’t dusted the ceiling fan since you moved in? The time has come. Don’t forget the hard to reach places and high window seals.

6- Move Out Cleaners In Colorado Springs Take A Load Off Your Shoulders

The main goal for move out cleaning is for the next resident (or landlord) to feel like they’re walking into a fresh, clean home. We’ve helped with plenty of moves and we have the equipment on hand to address most messes. Let us take that stress off your plate.

Contact us if you’re interested in hiring move out cleaners in Colorado Springs.

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