8 Chores To Give Your Move Out Cleaners

When it comes time to move, taking a toothbrush to clean out every corner of your old house is the last thing you want to do. This is where move out cleaners come in handy. While you’re unloading boxes at your new home, they’ll give your old place the white glove treatment. Here’re just a few chores you can leave for the move out cleaners.

1 – Scrubbing Out the Fridge

If you used a wash cloth after every little droplet of catsup landed on a shelf, your fridge should be no problem. If you’re like most human beings, the fridge will require some scrubbing to get it back into shape.

2 – Defrosting the Freezer

You did this on a regular schedule right? Not so much? Let the move out cleaners handle defrosting and scrubbing the freezer. You’d be amazed how many loitering food bits hide behind a layer of frost.

3 – Wiping Inside Dishwasher

Yes, the dishwasher should be cleaned from the inside out. Years of usage will leave soap scum and water stains. Create a good impression on the landlord by leaving a sparkling clean dishwasher.

4 – Cleaning Inside the Oven

Remember that time the berry pie boiled over in the oven? The chard remains having been baking every time you heat up the ovens. Don’t leave your blackened baking mishaps for the next resident to address. Let the move out cleaners take care of it.

5 – Sanitizing Shower and Toilet

Do you want us to detail all the germ types that have made their home in your toilet and shower? Don’t think about it. Delegate that task to cleaners so you can get a head start on your new bathroom

6 – Washing Walls

The kitchen is a prime place for splattered walls. Ever cooked spaghetti? Your walls don’t need to talk because the evidence is there for all to see.

7 – Cleaning Inside All Cabinets and Drawers

You might have removed all your belongings but you’ve left behind plenty of dust and unidentified particles. Have the cleaners take a vacuum and cloth to the drawers so they’re fresh. The next resident will appreciate clean shelves as they’re moving in.

8 – Dusting Vents, Ceiling Fans, and Light Fixtures

You can’t imagine how much dust builds up in your home until you decide to move and have to clean it all. Even if you’ve dusted regularly, it builds up quickly. Let the cleaners grab the ladder to dust all those hard to reach places.

Rely on Move Out Cleaners to Pick up the Slack

You’ve got a lot on your to-do list when you’re moving. Give yourself a break and hire cleaners to get to the chores you keep putting off.

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