The Best Habits For Easy House Cleaning In Colorado Springs

How much time do you spend house cleaning in Colorado Springs? Does it feel like a never-ending chore? The key to keeping a clean house is making the process as simple as possible. We’ve pulled together a few tips to make house cleaning easier.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Under Each Sink

Keeping supplies under the sink makes it simple for you to wipe down the mirror or shower as soon as you see the need. Don’t have room under the sink? At the very least, keep a cleaning caddy stocked and ready to grab as needed.

Put Clothes Away Immediately

How much time do you spend putting away clothes at the end of the day (or the week)? Developing a habit of putting clothes away as soon as you’re done with them will simplify cleaning significantly. Put dirty clothes in the laundry and refold anything that can handle a second wearing before washing.

Sort Mail As It Comes

Do piles of mail wait on the counter for days? Is junk mail mixed together with bills? Make a daily habit of sorting mail as it comes in. Toss (or recycle) the junk mail and put the bills in a designated folder.

What about the sentimental stuff? Don’t know what to do with cards, wedding invitations, and birth announcements? Designate a box for personal mail. At the end of the year, go through the box and remember all the good things that happened during the year. Then empty the box and prepare for good things in the coming year.

Start Your Day By Making Your Bed

You’d be surprised what a difference making the bed can do for your room. Most likely, your bed takes up a lot of space in the room so a clean bed gives the whole room a sense of order. Add this step to your morning routine and take a moment to enjoy the sight of your clean bed before you head out for the day.

Have A Home For Shoes And Coats

Your coat comes on and off at the door so it’s a good idea to have coat storage near your front door. A simple coat hook can do the trick. Having a shoe cubby near the coat rack makes for a practical entryway. Set yourself up for successful house cleaning in Colorado Springs by creating order by your front door. 

Do What You Can Then Hire House Cleaning In Colorado Springs

Don’t have time for it all? That’s ok. No one can do it all. We’re here to pick up the slack. We offer organizing and cleaning services to help keep your home the way you want it.

Contact us if house cleaning in Colorado Springs would make your life simpler.

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