Your Guide To Hiring Colorado Springs Cleaning Services

Considering Colorado Springs cleaning services but don’t know where to start? Don’t let the process overwhelm you. Here’re a few steps to take to ensure your hiring experience is successful.

Decide What To Delegate To Colorado Springs Cleaning Services

What chores do you dread the most? Vacuuming? Washing windows? Make a list of the chores that you avoid each week and hand those over to the cleaning service. Most services will allow you to customize a plan so you can delegate the tasks you most want to avoid.

Get An Estimate of How Much Time It Will Take

Once you’ve made your list, ask the company for an estimate of how much time they’ll need each week. Remember the amount of time required will depend on how dirty the house is at the outset and how much clutter is around. If the grout around the shower hasn’t been cleaned for years, it may take a while to get that sparkling clean again.

Determine How Cleaning Time Will Be Spent

Once you have an estimate, decide if there’s any chore you want to add or remove from the list. You know your budget so figure out how many hours of house cleaning you want to purchase each week and adjust your list accordingly.

Let Cleaners Know About Pets

If you own a family of tarantulas it’s only polite to let a cleaning service know ahead of time so they don’t send someone who has a fear of creepy-crawlies. Many people also have allergies to animals with fur so it’s nice to let them know about cats, dogs, rabbits etc.

Figure Out If You Want to do Pre-cleaning

If vacuuming, mopping, and dusting are on the top of your list, you might consider putting away the laundry before the house cleaners arrive. That way, they can get right to the most important tasks. If clutter is a constant battle for you, consider hiring a Colorado Springs cleaning service to help you de-clutter. After you’ve accomplished that, you can bring them in for weekly upkeep to focus on cleaning.

Find Out What the Cleaning Service Can and Can’t Provide

Many services have policies regarding bodily fluids, blood, and animal cleanup. If you’ve got a messy animal, talk to the service about what types of mess they’re able to clean. Also, many services won’t touch black mold because it’s considered toxic and requires special handling.

Contact us if you’re interested in Colorado Springs cleaning services. Everyone has different needs so we offer customized plans to suit your household. 

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