How Hiring Professional Residential Cleaning Simplifies Your Life

We’ve talked about how hiring someone to clean saves you time and gives you the opportunity to pursue hobbies. Hiring professional residential cleaning services provides the added benefit of protection from legal issues. When you hire professionals, you avoid a number of problems that can arise when hiring individual cleaners.

Professionals Are Insured and Bonded

When you hire someone to clean your home, you probably aren’t thinking about the insurance liability. When you hire from a professional company, you don’t have to. Insurance protects both the homeowner and the worker. What if a residential cleaner is injured on the job? If they work for us, they’re eligible for workman’s comp to cover the cost.

Professional Residential Cleaning Companies Conduct Background Checks

What detective show hasn’t had at least one scenario where a housekeeper is involved in a crime? We don’t want your home to turn into a scene for a crime show and that’s why we require background checks on our employees.

Professionals Get Extensive Training

Do you want your cleaner using the same rag to clean your counters that they used to wipe out their last client’s bathtub? We don’t either. Our professionals must follow certain sanitation guidelines that prevent carrying germs from one house to another.

We train our people to use the right products on each surface. They know how to handle valuables and they know the expectations for professional behavior in someone else’s home. Our goal is for you to have a comfortable, hassle-free experience when you hire one of our cleaners.

Professionals Make Good Use Of Time

Making good use of time is part of being a professional. If a job can be done in 2 hours, professionals won’t stretch it to 4 hours in order to make more money. Using time poorly benefits no one.

You Get The Benefits Of Being A Client – Not An Employer

You get the perk of being a client, not the responsibilities of an employer. You don’t have to withhold taxes, have an insurance plan, provide sick leave etc. Our cleaners are employees and not contractors. Therefore, we provide liability insurance so you don’t have to take on that risk.

Professional Organizations Provide Security

When you hire professional residential cleaning you’re paying for a service without taking on the liability. Our business structure allows you to benefit from the service while we take responsibility for the legal structure, insurance policies, and background checks. Leave the worries up to us and enjoy a clean home that you didn’t have to scrub. 

We believe professional residential cleaners should make your life simpler and more enjoyable. That’s why we require professional training for our cleaners. Give us a call if you’re interested in hiring a someone to clean your home.

3 comments on “How Hiring Professional Residential Cleaning Simplifies Your Life

  1. I love the idea of hiring a professional cleaning service. It’s a good point that professionals make a good use of time. That’s good, because I would make good use of the time they saved me!

  2. You have a good point about conducting background checks to ensure the safety of the consumers. Another good point was made about the time use, a professional company will make the best use of time in a way that is fair to the consumer.

  3. With the holidays just around the corner, I’m really starting to stress about the shape of my house. My in-laws will be staying at our home for about a week and I want them to feel comfortable. Having said that, I don’t have a lot of time to clean since I’m working so much. I really like your point about how hiring a professional can save you time while also giving you the opportunity to pursue other things like hobbies. I also like how you pointed out that a professional cleaning service will be trained and know to not use the same rag on your countertops that were previously being used to wipe out something like a bathtub. I may need to look into this further.

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