What House Cleaning Services May Look Like in the Next 10 Years

More and more people are turning to house cleaning services to help with weekly upkeep around the house. In years past, house cleaning had the misconception of being a luxury service for the elite. With changes in the working world, the perception around house cleaning services has changed. It’s increasingly becoming a regular part of people’s lives.

Who Hires House Cleaning Services?

Lots of people hire house cleaners. Working families, entrepreneurs, and yes, the rich and famous, all find uses for house cleaning services. It’s not just one social group that brings in house cleaners. People in many walks of life find that hiring for cleaning services makes sense rather than adding cleaning to their to-do list.

The Value of Time

All of these people are asking the same question: how much is my time worth? Increasingly, there’s talk about using money wisely. We are moving away from overstuffed houses to quality living with less. Instead of spending money on things, we spend money in areas that improve our lives.

Whether you’re a parent raising children, the owner of a small business, or a person going back to school, you’ve got limited time during the day. You decide what fills it. Hiring house cleaning services can give you a few hours back in your week. Many people find this takes enough pressure off that they have time to relax during the week.

Say Goodbye to the Pressure to Do It All

Quality of life is becoming increasingly important. We all want to work and make a living, but we recognize we can’t do everything. Finding your identity in “doing-it-all” only leads to exhaustion. Figuring out your niche and focusing on your goals is much more fulfilling. Common wisdom is encouraging people to be willing to ask for help and receive help where you can.

How It Works

When people are uncomfortable with house cleaning services, it’s usually because they aren’t sure how it works. Do they have to tip? Do you pre-clean? Do you stay home or leave while the cleaning is done? The answer to all of these questions is you can talk with your house cleaning service and decide.

In general, you don’t tip for a large company, but you might consider tipping if you’re hiring an individual. Pre-cleaning is only necessary if it fits with your goals. Do you have a cleaning project hiding under a pile of clothes? By all means, fold those clothes before your cleaner arrives. You get to decide if you want to be home while someone cleans, but there’s no pressure either way.

Need house cleaning services? We can help. Get in touch if you’d like to have house cleaning taken off your to-do list.

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