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Why is it so hard?

Shower for House Cleaning

We all know that one of the hardest area’s to keep clean is the shower.  But why?  All we are doing is using soap and water in an area that we clean with soap and water!  This house cleaning tip will save you time and frustration. There are a couple of areas we all struggle with: soap scum, moldy grout, spotted ceilings, or just dirty walls.  Here is some background on each of these:

Soap scum is simply your bar soap that has simply re-hardened as a film on your tile and glass.  Moving to only liquid soap will greatly help you.

Moldy grout is the result of moisture build up your bathroom after a shower.  The moisture allows the mold to grow.

Spotted ceilings are the result of moisture and soap congealing on your ceiling.

The easy fix

The easiest way way to fix 99% of your issues is to wipe out your tube and/or shower after every use.  I know what you are thinking because I am thinking the same thing “I don’t want to wipe out my shower every day.”  However, if you dedicate yourself to this 20 second ritual, your grout and soap scum problems will disappear.

The not so easy fix

If you want to make your life easier when you are remodeling or building a bathroom make sure to use epoxy grout.  Epoxy is not pouris and resists stains and mold.  It is much more expensive, but will make your life much easier.

Did this help you?  Post a comment and tell us about it.  You can find other time saving house cleaning tips from Maid to Shine here.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for helpful tips. Did you know that one of the products you could most efficiently clean the bathroom is a coke. At first I did not believe but then tried it at home and it worked. It is unbelievable!

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