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House Cleaning Tips White cotton Towels

During your house cleaning I am sure that you have grabbed an old T-Shirt, socks, or even newspaper.  Starting today, your house cleaning can no longer include these items.  Your valuable time will be wasted by using these methods (have you ever looked at your hands after reading a newspaper?).  We all know that your time is valuable, so use this easy cleaning tip to make your life easier.

What Towel Should I Use?

There are many different towels out there and only one is good enough for your home.  The best cloth for your home is a pure cotton towel.  Make sure that these towels are white, just to make sure you won’t bleed any colors onto your furniture.  Keep a large stack on hand so that you will not run out in the middle of your cleaning.

Where Should I Get My Towels?

You can buy cotton terry towels at just about any hardware store.  These towels are your best and cheapest way to clean your house.  If you would like another option, you will also find that cotton cloth napkins or cloth baby diapers also work well.   Make sure that no matter what you purchase that you wash and dry the towels before you use them!  Then store your towels with the rest of your cleaning supplies for easy access when your need to clean arises.

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  1. Yes a towel is a good option I \agree, we often use this method to for ease of use when cleaning.

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