How to Choose a Great Cleaning Company, Pt 2

Finding a cleaning company can be very important to achieving a clean home in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Life keeps us busy, but it doesn’t mean we have to let our homes get dusty, dirty, and grungy because of it.

This is why hiring out a maid service might be the solution you need. We hope both last week and this week’s post will give you a springboard for deciding on a fantastic cleaning service.

How Do they Treat Their Employees? Employee testimonials are a great way to look into the work life of a company. How a company treats their employees says a lot about how they will treat their customers. Look for companies with great reviews from their cleaning techs!

Ask Your Friends What Their Experiences with the Company was Like: Do you have friends who have used any of those cleaning companies? What was their experience like? What do they have to say about the job the cleaning techs did?

Your friends might also have some great recommendations for cleaning companies that you didn’t find in your initial research.

Look for a Company that Customises Their Cleaning to Fit Your Home: No two homes are alike, and finding a cleaning company that can meet your home’s cleaning needs is important. Perhaps you have an extra room or two, or a half bathroom? Or maybe you have a finished basement? Whatever it is, be sure the cleaning company you choose can meet your checklist!

 Do I choose an self employed cleaner or a company to clean my home? Maybe you know a friend who knows a friend who cleans. Do you choose a company or an individual who’s self employed? Both are great options. And the tips we gave you for evaluating a company can be used for deciding whether or not to hire an individual for your cleaning. An individual might not have a fancy website and Google reviews, but she’ll have clients who can tell you about her services. If you’re interested, call her up. Ask her about herself, what services she offers, what her rates are, etc.

We hope these tips help you find a cleaning service just right for you! If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, Maid to Shine would be happy to clean your home. Just give our offices a call for a quote!

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