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Dusty Dealings

keeping the dust out of your homeLiving in Colorado has been the best experience of my life.  In all of my travels I have never seen such a beautiful place as Colorado.  However, the dust in this wonderful state has been, at times, a battle.  In fact so many people have asked lately how they can control the dust, I knew I needed to write an article about the subject.

Why Dust in Colorado

I think it is important to assess why Colorado has more dust than many other places.  First, Colorado is a dry climate.  Our annual rain fall is 15.09 inches while for comparison Florida gets over 60 inches a year.  Also, average humidity in Colorado Springs is 51.9% which rates us as the 33rd city with lowest average humidity.  With such low moisture, dust is able to float into your home much easier.

Secondly, we live in a wilderness area.  Unlike the “concrete jungles” of other cities, we are surrounded by hills, mountains, and even dirt roads.  Since we love to see beauty around us we also have the pollen and dirt that comes with it.

Easy Fixes

  1. The easiest way to reduce dust is to change your air filter in your furnace.  For $5 you can reduce a lot of your dust problems.
  2. Take your shoes off while in the house.  It is easy to track dirt with your shoes plus 90% of all pesticides in your home comes in through your shoes.
  3. Wash your sheets weekly.  Your first reaction might be, “what does that have to do with dust?” Dust is not just dirt, it also includes skin and lint.  You lay approximately 56 hours a week in bed and that allows your skin cells to accumulate.
  4. Damp wipe hidden areas.  High shelves, ceiling fans, and the top of the refrigerator are often missed.  This dust is free to spread.
  5. Vacuum once a week.  Dirt and dust accumulates in your carpet (especially when you do not follow number 2!).  If you have pets you or a large family, vacuuming twice a week is the best idea.

Our Suggestion for Ultimate Clean

Austin Air Purifiers - Picture from like the water we use, we like to take take clean to the ultimate level.  This is why throughout our offices we have air purifiers.  The air purifiers keeps our dirt level within our office is very low.  The only air purifier we can recommend is the Austin Air products.

If you go to their site, you are going to find they are not cheap.  I know that you are going to say “I can get something cheaper.” I am confident that you can get something cheaper, but not better.  If you wish to make your voice heard on this subject, please make a comment.

I would recommend a Healthmate Plus in your main area and a Healthmate Jr. Plus for your bedroom (perhaps your office if you work at home and your children’s rooms if your budget allows).

Did this help you?  Post a comment and tell us about it.  You can find other time saving house cleaning tips from Maid to Shine here.

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  1. I live in Utah, probably the closest climate and scenery as Colorado. Gotta love the Rockies! Dust can for sure be a problem and it’s a pain to keep in under control. Great tips! I think cleaning right the first time is key. Sometimes hiring a professional may be necessary.

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