The Lazy Layman’s Guide to Cleaning

Some days you just don’t have the energy to clean. Maybe you’ve had a long day at work, or you just got back from a lengthy hike up Pikes Peak. Either way, you are not up to taking care of that pile of dishes in the sink or the dust bunnies breeding in the corner. Here are three top tips that might help when you reach this point:

Take it in chunks 

The longer you go without cleaning, the harder it can be to make yourself get it done as it becomes more and more of a daunting task. Doing just a little bit at a time can help chip away at the whole affair, and help prevent it from building up in the first place. Maybe instead of cleaning everything in the sink you focus on utensils, or you only pick up the misplaced books from around your home.

Do something every time you move throughout your home

Every time you get up to move from one room to another, take care of a small cleaning task as you go. Maybe you toss out the pile of junk mail sitting on the coffee table, or take the clean laundry back to the closet, or grab the trash from the bathroom to take to the can in the garage.

Zone clean

Divide your home into six or seven zones, then give yourself ten minutes every day to tidy one of the zones up (with a day off if you need it!). Maybe you tidy your living room on Mondays and your bedroom on Tuesdays, whatever works for you! Breaking it up and having a set schedule for your cleaning will help you stay on top of it, no matter how lazy you’re feeling.

But sometimes you’re still just feeling a little too lazy to get the cleaning done, so give Maid to Shine a call to help you out!

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