Why Your Maid Service Should Always Offer a Free Quote

Let’s say you want to try out a maid service for the first time. If you don’t know anything about them, don’t settle for anything less than a free quote. Here are some reasons why your maid service should always offer a free quote.

Get a Free Quote to Know What You’re Getting Into

You need to know what the maid service is offering. With a free quote, you’ll find out what they would charge for the cleaning you need for free. You can also find out things like special sales you’re qualified for, some cleaning you need that they won’t do, how much time they would take, and other details.

Compare Quotes

This is one of the biggest reasons you should get free quotes. If you were charged for every quote you got, you would have paid too much before getting any cleaning done. Charging for quotes discourages customers from shopping around. This isn’t fair to you.

It’s recommended to look at several different maid services. Get free quotes from several and then compare them to see which one suits your needs best.

Make Sure You’re on the Same Page with Your Maid Service

You need a free quote to know if your maid service does the job that you need. For instance, let’s say you need some cleaning done in your yard. When you mention this in your quote, the maid service tells you they don’t do outdoor work. If you paid for this quote, it would be a waste of money.

What If You’re Not Interested?

Paying for a quote from a maid service you know you’re going to use is one thing, but paying for a quote from a maid service you’re not going to use is a waste. As when you’re comparing quotes from several maid services, you’re probably only going to end up using one. Paying for quotes puts the you at a huge disadvantage.

Quoting in Person, by Phone, or Online

There are three main ways maid services give quotes: in person, by phone, or online. It’s nice to meet the people in person, but this can take up some time as you need to schedule a time to meet that’s good for both you and the maid service.

Getting a quote by phone is another option, but speaking over the phone eliminates the possibility of you taking your time. What if you forget to mention something?

When you get a free quote online, you can take your time and really look at everything you want to communicate. It’s fast, quick, and easy.

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4 comments on “Why Your Maid Service Should Always Offer a Free Quote

  1. Great tips and definitely an outstanding idea to get quotes and to confirm that they will stand by the quote given. I like meeting people in person, but know that is not always possible with our busy schedules today, so your free online quote is perfect, if you can access all the information you need to make a decision.

    Thanks great article.

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