Decorating Tips from Professional House Cleaning in Colorado Springs

Help yourself through winter slumps and gray days with post-holiday winter décor. Once the red and green are tucked away, you can enjoy the more subtle decorations of winter. Soft textures, winter foliage, candles, and other embellishments help keep a home cheery during gray winter days.

Start With Simplicity: Let Professional House Cleaning Get You Started

It’s always a good idea to start with a clean surface when you’re decorating. That may mean decluttering, deep cleaning, or the usual mopping and vacuuming.

Once your space is cleared out and cleaned up. You can start thinking about what elements you want to add in order to brighten up your winter home.

Use Tea Cups and Coffee Mugs

When days are gray and rainy, evoke warmth with ready access to tea cups and coffee mugs. Instead of storing cups in the cupboard, set them up as a display for the mantel or shelf.

This type of practical decorating allows you to use what you already have on hand and enjoy simplicity after the busy holiday season.

Hearty Indoor Plants

Buy a plant or two that can be described as ‘impossible to kill.’ Low maintenance indoor plants purify your air and provide decoration in any season.

A few possibilities:

  • Spider Plant – one of the easiest house plants
  • Boston Fern – needs a humid room
  • Peace Lily –  keep in mind it has an aroma and produces pollen

Embellish With Flowery Branches and Moss

Winter has a beauty all its own – ponds reflecting the occasional sunshine, bare branches against a winter sky, the smell of wet earth.

Bring that beauty indoors by filling a vase with flowery branches or setting up a small display with colorful moss.  You can enjoy spring flowers later in the year. For now, enjoy nature in its winter stage.

To Brighten a room:

For many, getting enough light is necessary to lift winter moods. This isn’t just a matter of turning on the light – you need soft lights and reflective surfaces to create a glow.

For lighting: use lamps and strings of white lights. They’ll create warm, soft light that makes people comfortable.

After you have your lighting in place, think about spreading the light with reflective surfaces. Mirrors are great for brightening a room and providing a sense of space in small rooms. Gold and silver are also great reflectors.

Add touches of Warmth

Whether it’s a decorative throw pillow or extra blanket near the couch, soft textures create warmth. A knitted blanket is a simple way of adding interest. 

Want help getting started? Hire a professional house cleaning so you can focus on the fun part – decorating. Contact us and ask about our customizable plans.

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