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Sometimes the worst part about cleaning is gathering all the supplies. By the time you find everything you need you’ve lost your motivation. Then there’s the process of lugging your materials from room to room. Here’s a solution: create a cleaning caddy! That way you’re ready to go, there won’t be time to make excuses. Here’s what you’ll need…




This is the foundation, look for something solid that will be able to hold everything without snapping under the pressure. We recommend something plastic like this because it’s easy to clean when things start to spill and splash.




Dobie Pad


A good sponge is essential, but don’t just go with the first one you see. You want a durable one that will be able to stand a couple of good cleans. We recommend a dobie pad. They’re wrapped in a plastic so they’re safe to use on countertops without worrying about scratching, but rough enough get the stuck on grim.



Baking Soda


Baking Soda is a god send! You can use this on showers, sinks and toilets. We recommend getting some sort of container to put it in though, you don’t want your box getting all soggy and wet from neighboring rags or sponges.





Cotton Towels



You might want to actually have a few of these tucked into your caddy. Great for wiping down counters and soaking up backsplash from sink or shower cleaning.




Toilet Brush


Any ole’ toilet brush will do. We’ve found that a good way to store your brush is in a plastic cup. That way it can sit upright, won’t drip in your caddy and you’ll have an extra cup to rinse out sinks and showers.





All Natural Cleaning Products


This is kind of up to you on what exactly you think is necessary to get a thorough clean. We like to stick with a disinfectant and grease fighter amongst other things. Be selective when choosing your products, remember there’s not a ton of room in your caddy, and keep in mind some products have multiple uses.






Grab yourself an old toothbrush and toss it in. This little tool will come in handy when you need to get into those tiny nooks and crannies around the house.






Those are the basics for a good cleaning caddy. Of course feel free to add whatever you think you need to get the cleaning you want. If putting a cleaning caddy together doesn’t sound like the best way for an easier quicker clean consider hiring a professional instead.


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