Clean Up With Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is on it’s way, is your costume ready? There’s lots of things to consider when choosing the perfect costume. Do you go clever? Cute? Funny? What’s going to get you the most treats… how about a costume that combines all three!

1. Dust Bunny

This one really is a combo of cute, clever and funny! Hop around and if you really want to make people’s day give their home a little dusting.


2. Vacuum

We know what you’re thinking, how exciting can a vacuum be? Well here’s a fun trick for you to get some extra treats: Tell people to toss some candy on the ground so that you can “vacuum” it up, once you suck it up it’s yours! Plus, it’s a pretty original costume!


3. Fifi

Now this isn’t just any old feather duster this is Fifi from Beauty and the Beast. Not only can you spin around to clean up you get to be a cute Disney character too. It’s the best of both worlds!


4. Sanderson Sisters

The Sanderson Sisters are pretty iconic but if you really want to stand out then you’ve got to add a little something extra to the costumes! Remember the scene where they all take off into the air, one on broom, one on a mop and the other on a vacuum? Now that’s how you clean up with a costume!


5. Laundry

This is a 3 for 1! You’ve got your washer, dryer and laundry hamper. The best part is that this is pretty easy to make. Find some cardboard boxes, an old laundry basket, pie tins and you’re on your way to a pretty adorable costume!


6. Bonus!

If you got a floofer for a dog then you’ve got the perfect mop costume!


Any one of these costumes are sure to make you stand out this Halloween! Which one will you go as?


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