Top Three Unique Storage Solutions

Finding a balance between how much space you can afford and how much space you actually need can be a tricky endeavor. Learning how to take advantage of every square inch of space in your home or apartment is vital to keeping a tidy and presentable living space. When you’ve run out of standard storage solutions, try out a few unique options:

Hang your jewelry

Instead of having your jewelry laying out, or scattered on a bulky organizer, find a way to hang it. You could use decorative hooks or pins on your wall, a pretty frame with corkboard and pins, or a small, intricate metal grate mounted on the wall that you can hang all your pieces from. The flatter the organizer, the more space you’ll save.

Take advantage of the space around large appliances

Most appliances such as refrigerators and washers and dryers rarely fit perfectly within the spaces they’re installed. Usually, they leave a few inches of gap between the appliance and the wall or between the appliance and another appliance. Find or build custom shelving to take advantage of these spaces and you’ll find a world of new room to store things. You can even get extra ambitious and install rails to allow the shelves to be pulled out for easy access.

Use magnetic strips

Tons of things in your home can be picked up by a magnet: tweezers, nail clippers, other personal grooming tools, utensils, etc. Buy some magnetic strips and mount them to your walls wherever needed, then hang those metal items from them to get them off your counters and other areas. You can even decorate the strips with washi tape or other crafting supplies to make them match your decor!

Now that you have found some unique storage solutions for your home, give Maid to Shine a call to help you keep the rest of your home clean as well!

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