Finding Storage Spaces in Small Homes

Organization is essential to keeping a clean home, even when you’re getting help from a service like Maid to Shine, but finding the right place for all your things can be difficult—especially if your home is small. However, no matter how small your space is, you can find a spot for everything if you’re willing to get creative.

Take advantage of vertical space

Don’t lose out on going up. Your walls provide plenty of room for hanging things, and there’s more unused space above your other belongings than you may realize. A magnetic utensil rack above your oven will free up valuable counter space while an end-table with a tilt out trashcan will provide a new place to set things. Figure out where your empty vertical spaces are and find a way to use them. Whether it’s with shelves or another creative use of the space, there are many options.

Find your nooks and crannies

Even the smallest of spaces will have still smaller places to tuck things away. The slim space under—or behind—a couch provides a useful spot to store board games, unused frames, and other slim objects. With a free weekend you can turn the slot between your fridge and the wall into a pull-out pantry for canned goods and slim boxed goods. Every home will have different nooks and crannies, so take some time to explore yours to see what’s available to you.

Hang your mess

Clothes hangers don’t just have to be for clothes. Hangers with clips are fantastic for organizing bagged goods such as chips, food mixes, and more. Shoe-organizers can be repurposed to hang on a closet door and organize food or cleaning supplies. Then, of course, there are the ever versatile command hooks. You can attach them to just about any surface and use them to hang small baskets to organize little things or carefully arrange them inside a cabinet to hold pot lids.

Put these three things together, and you’ll never run out of space, no matter how small your home. If you still need a little help keeping your home clean, give Maid to Shine Colorado Springs a call.

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  1. You are right, organization is essential to keep a clean home. Sometimes, unfortunately cleaning task isn’t so easy, especially when you live in a small house. You give very useful tips. Thank you :)))

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